About Us

Established in 2000, Sindhu Stage Crafts, based in Delhi, has excelled in creating a full range of highly acclaimed lighting effects, sound delivery through national standard lighting & sound equipment for both Indoor & Outdoor application for Professional shows. 

  We at Sindhu Stage Crafts have been keeping pace with changing times & generations by constantly upgrading technology, equipment, techniques, and manpower skills.
 We offer to the professional event lighting and Sound market a range of products designed & built to the highest quality standards, aesthetically superior and without compromise in components and equipments.

We have been changing the face of the show business industry for over many years delivering the highest possible guarantee of reliability and safety for all its equipment & creativity.
You have to just experience the JBL SRX, VRX, BETA, VERTEC 4889 and many more sound effectsby us just once to be swept off your feet.

Till date we have performed with many Celebrities, Rock Bands, Artists, Playback Singers.
Service Capabilites:
•    College Fests
•    All School Functions 
•    Stage Show
•    Live Show
•    Fashion Show
•    Conference
•    Corporate Events
•    Seminar
•    Star Night
•    Public Address
•    Exhibitions
•    Theatres

We have the following equipment in our inventory:
•    Speakers- JBL SRX , JBL LINE ARREY ,EAW
•    Monitors- LA, JBL
•    Bass bins- JBL & EAW 
•    Mixers- Sound Craft 24 / 32 / 48 channels, GB8, DIGITAL LS9.
•    Effect Rack- Alesis, BSS, Behringer, DBX, Shure
•    Mics- Shure, Behringer.
•    Lights- SGM- Scanners, Follow Spot, sharpie, Moving head Spot, Moving Head Wash, Architectural Lighting, Ambience Lighting, LED Lights, Parcan (Black and Chrome Finish), Citi color, Dominator, Strobes, Lasers etc.
•    Trusses- Silver / Aluminium Finishing Adjustable to upto 30 ft. Height. And 80 X 60 fttruss.


Our USP of sound systems: